Content of the Sessions

Bradford Nightstop's preventative education gives students the opportunity to explore the issue of youth homelessness in an interactive fashion using individual, paired and group work.


A PowerPoint presentation highlights the facts about youth homelessness in the district, while the reasons and effects of youth homelessness are also explored. 

The Nightstop process is explained and other organisations who can help homeless young people are signposted.


A DVD containing input from three young people residing in Bradford who have experienced homelessness is shown.


The sessions also challenges the myths and stereotypes often associated with homelessness and underlines the message that homelessness can happen to anyone.


Bespoke workshops can also be delivered. In these sessions young people build their own shelter, decide which items they would take with themshould they find themselves homeless and discuss recent news stories that centre around youth homelessness. 


Each session is linked to the National Curriculum statutory orders for Citizenship and the non-statutory programme of study for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. (Please see separate section for full details of curriculum coverage.) 


How long does each session last?

The length of each session would, ideally, be one hour to include all the activities, the PowerPoint presentation and the DVD. However, the length and content can be adapted to suit the specific needs and timetable restrictions of each individual educational establishment. Some venues choose to lead the sessions themselves, using Downloadable Resources and by accessing the Bradford Nightstop YouTube channel.