Do you have a spare room you could use to provide an emergency accommodation service to young people aged 16-25 years who are homeless?


If you think you could offer a young vulnerable person, a stable, warm, safe and friendly environment where they can enjoy a hot meal, the chance to wash and a bed for the night, then you can help us and some of the many young people referred to our emergency scheme which operates 365 days a year.



Hosts can make themselves available for as many nights a week as they wish. All Hosts receive extensive training on all areas of the Bradford Nightstop scheme - from the service we offer to young people, to Host responsibilities, back up helplines, information and advice. You will never be on your own without back up support.


We invite applications from all types of households from single people, to couples, and families to be hosts. We are actively trying to recruit hosts to reflect the cultural and faith diversity of Bradford since the young people referred to our scheme reflect this diversity.


The training gave me confidence that I could be an effective host.  Knowing there is always someone there to ring if things go wrong is a real assurance. I am doing things I never thought I could - Nightstop Host

Bradford Nightstop will provide you with everything you need for your Nightstopper's stay, including toiletries, clothes and underwear. Hosts are also provided with a prayer mat and also cooking equipment for young people's halal diets.


We provide each Host with a wide range of information to offer to the young people. In the morning, after breakfast, Hosts will direct the Nightstopper back to an agency that can help them look for longer term accommodation, and if necessary re - refer them to Bradford Nightstop if emergency accommodation is required for another night. Hosts are to provide the Nightstopper with bus fares, day rovers or a car journey to this agency, which will be reimbursed as part of your volunteer expenses, so that you are not out of pocket in any way.


Hosts vary in age from their 20's to 70's although hosts in their 20's may be given a restriction on the ages of young people whom they can accept. Other hosts choose to allow males or/and females to stay and stipulate the oldest age they are willing to take (All Nightstoppers must be 16-25).


Make a difference by challenging youth homelessness - apply here.