Frequently Asked Questions

Q.If I work full time am I still able to be a Host?

A. Yes. Many of our Hosts work and each Host can arrange a time that suits them for the Nightstopper to arrive in the evening of their stay. This is usually between 7-9.30pm. Don't worry about asking the Nightstopper to be up and ready to leave for when you need to leave for work.


Q.If I have young children, can I be a Host?

A. Yes. We have had Hosts who have accommodated Nightstoppers whilst having children of varying ages in their household. If the children are old enough and want to be involved they are encouraged to engage in the appropriate training.


Q. Will I feel safe having a stranger in my house?

A.Yes. Nightstop can provide you with locks and a sharps bin for your house. It is extremely rare there are any problems with theft involving a Nightstopper and many precautions are put in place to make sure that Nightstoppers are not placed with a Host if there is a risk of this. It is perfectly acceptable for Hosts to only accept female Nightstoppers, or those under 21 for example.


Q.Will I be trained?

A. Bradford Nightstop conducts an extensive training procedure for all Hosts, including a risk assessment visit to your household and several meetings over a 2 month period of training and paperwork! You will also be able to talk to highly experienced Hosts about the scheme and their experiences with Nightstoppers.


Q. What support is there if something goes wrong?

A. There is always another experienced member of staff/volunteer on duty for a Host to call in an emergency and an extensive handbook of policy and procedures to cover any eventuality!